Managing through Drought and Bushfire

Waiting for the rain requires the patience of a saint………or the patience of a farmer.

The Regenerative Agriculture Network Tasmania (RANT) was looking for a way to support our East Coast farmers in the drought and had a conversation with Centrelink’s Farm Household Case Officer from the Australian Government Department of Human Services. 

Centrelink has a Farm Household Allowance program and also a $4,000 supplement that gives farmers the opportunity to develop business and management skills, access relevant training and pay for farm business advice.

RANT and Stipa Native Grasses Association, both farmer driven not-for-profits and Graeme Hand of Hand for the Land, have combined to offer support through focusing on low cost, low risk management, on regenerating existing pasture from current soil seed bank through grazing management, and designing farm businesses so the both the people and the business recover.

Graeme has recently been working with a beef farming family in eastern Victoria, with similar weather patterns to the east coast of Tasmania.  The family chose to take up the offer of the $4000 activity supplement and have now halted the business decline and are in a good position to make profit when the rain comes.  Graeme’s background is in bushfire and drought recovery, developing whole of business and regenerative grazing plans and selecting animals for low energy maintenance.

The Farm Household Allowance information is here (hyperlink into newsletters if you would like)

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